• Body composition: lose fat, boost muscle tone or muscle mass.
  • Performance: sports training, increase speed, strength and power.
  • Optimal health: optimize body function, live better, sleep better, perform better.
  • Injury management: recovery, reconditioning.

Andrew guarantees to help you achieve the results you want, whether it be body fat loss, improvements in general fitness or a concentration on more specific areas such as your mobility, core strength, posture, endurance or cardiovascular fitness. Working with Andrew as your personal trainer is one of the best health choices you can make.

Personal Training is offered in two formats:

  • One-on-One - work individually with one of our qualified trainers all to yourself
  • Semi-Private - work with a friend, family member or colleague to train together

*In order to design the best program for you and create a plan to achieve your goals, all personal training begins with an initial evaluation. At your first appointment, Andrew carefully evaluates your body composition. The results of this evaluation are then analyzed, and this enables Andrew to develop your workout plan with pinpoint precision. Andrew develops a customized training plan based on an assessment of your current physical condition.

All personal training consists of:

  • Preparatory warm-ups, including dynamic stretches, mobility work, foam rolling and activation drills. Each warm-up drill helps to increase flexibility for the session, improve performance and reduce the risk of injury.
  • Customized exercises selected for your body type and structural disposition, taking into account your experience, goals and any past injuries or issues
  • Post-workout stretches to help you develop flexibility faster by stretching the tissue surrounding your muscles.