About AJ - Personal Trainer. Nutritional Coach. Posturologist

When it comes to helping his clients achieve their health and fitness goals, Andrew Jastrzebski, a.k.a. AJ, knows how to coach anyone to success. After taking many courses with top trainers, nutrition experts and rehabilitation specialists, Andrew can help clients to overcome their obstacles and get great results.

Body shaping and toning can all be achieved with the aid of a qualified personal trainer such as AJ. He can help you enhance your mind, body and spirit. AJ is the doorway to new personal growth experiences and helps you uncover new insights about yourself or find potential you didn't realize you had.

AJ's strategy is focusing on FUN ! He believes that FUN is one of the most important parts of achieving your personal training goals. If you are continually performing the same personal training techniques you can lose focus and stop exercising. This is why AJ is consistently changing to work on different sections of your body while keeping you intrigued.

AJ's Mission

AJ's goal is to provide you with cutting-edge systems, strategies and tools. Whether you're looking to lose weight, correct posture, increase athletic performance or rehabilitate an injury, AJ offers the support and expertise you need to achieve the results you want. He is 100% committed to helping you reach your goals, and he is here to guide and support you every step of the way.

AJ's philosophy revolves around treating every aspect of the individual. He knows that real results require a multifaceted approach. With his exercise programs, rehabilitation techniques, lifestyle systems and therapy sessions, AJ's Supreme Fitness lets you address all of your physical, physiological and psychological goals.


Unlike busy gyms, AJ conducts his workouts in a private studio, by appointment only, catering to your privacy so that you can feel comfortable and relaxed. While AJ normally asks those interested in working with him at the studio to make an appointment, he does often open his schedule for last minute rendez-vous clients. AJ's personal training studio is a one-stop shop for everything health and fitness related. Offering a variety of services ranging from personal training and group classes to postural correction and nutritional coaching, AJ gives his clients all that they need under one convenient roof.

AJ is very flexible and can also train clients at their homes or their own gym. It's whatever is best to suit your personal needs.